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Ebi meets traditional crafts

About SHOP Ebi

In Japan there exist a lot of world-renowned traditional crafts. However, “Traditional craft” gave me an authoritarian image and that wasn’t my taste. Especially, in Kyoto where is the heart of Japanese tradition, the image of authority has more dignity, I tended to avoid traditional crafts in my life even I was from Kyoto, but till that time.


In the end of April 2020 when tourists vanished in Kyoto because of COVID-19, I found a Nishijin-ori silk mask, which is a well-known local traditional craft, on shopping street. With a little interest, I bought one. When I googled who made the mask at home, I was totally shocked with the fact that it was made by handicapped people at welfare facility.


My image towards traditional crafts, which is authoritarian has collapsed. What I thought was authoritarian, gorgeous and hard to approach was sustained by social minorities and their skills continued from now to the future as traditional skills. When I noticed it, I wanted to help them somehow. As a hostel owner in Kyoto, I also thought that it was my duty to make my guests know more about local traditional crafts.


SHOP Ebi is an on-line shop of HOSTEL Ebi. We develop original items which adopt the technics and skills of traditional crafts and introduce the finest local traditional crafts from Kyoto.  


Please look forwards to our new challenge.


HOSTEL Ebi Owner

Jiwon Kim

About Nishijin Workshop

Since Nishijin Workshop was designated an Employment support office for the disabled in 2006, it has been challenging to intergrade tradition and welfare. Currently people with various handicaps work on reeling filature, silk warping, weaving and braiding. The skills they have been acquired with a lot of time will be traditional skills and be taken over for the next generation.  

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