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We closed our business on 15th August 2022.

Thank you so much for your support. 

We really had a good time and won't forget you all.

hostel Ebi

What do you expect from hostels?

Hello, I’m Jiwon, the owner of HOSTEL Ebi. I have to say, my place is not big. We have just 20 beds. So if you like businesslike or chain big accommodation, you wouldn’t like us. However, if you are looking for a cozy and friendly hostel, yes we are the one!


Normally we don’t have parties. It is because we take care of your private time and good sleep. We believe that hostel is a place not for party, but for sleep. It doesn’t mean that we are not friendly or social. We take meals and drink in the living room every day. If you like, you can join us. We’d love to chat with you.


Kyoto is my hometown and I have plenty of information for restaurants, bars, and sightseeing spots. Please don’t hesitate to ask where to go. Moreover, if I have time, I can show you around local places including local restaurants and bars.


We look forwards to seeing you.


Best regards,

Jiwon Kim


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